Guest Post by Daria

5 Male Fashion Bloggers To Follow

The fashion blogging industry is obviously dominated by women. However, once in a while, there’s an exception to the rule. On the one hand, we have street style photographers like Monsieur Jerome or Scott Schuman a.k.a The Sartorialistor – men with a keen sense of fashion, who take pictures of colorful people on the streets and at events. On the other hand, we’ve got personal style bloggers, who made a name for themselves by posting outfits and lifestyle pictures on their blogs. Donning bow ties, mixed prints, designer handbags and above the knee shorts, these gentlemen have something to say in the field. From world-famous to those just starting out, here are our top male fashion bloggers that we think you should follow:

1. Bryan Boy – 31-year-old Bryan Grey Yambao is originally from Filipinos, and is one of the first bloggers in the industry. With a Marc Jacobs bag named after him and judge seat in America’s Next Top Model season 19, this fashion blogger is definitely somebody in the fashion world. Find him at in fabulous designer outfits.

2. Buck - Tony Stone (Buck) shares a blog with his life partner Adeline Rapon (Wolf) at The French couple both feature stylish outfits, in their typical boho chicstyle. More than that, you’ll find their everyday photos from the fascinating Paris.

3. Fashion Goggled – Landon lives in New York City and blogs at He calls himself “style obsessed” and he looks the part. Once in a while, he features DIY projects, and his outfits are always dapper and with pops of color.

4. Scout Sixteen – Justin is a curly redhead with a sharp fashion sense, writer, personal shopper and stylist. Based in New York, he always has the best statement accessories at hand. Moreover, he blogs style advice that any man could use.

5. Kate Loves Me – Pelayo Diaz Zapico comes from Spain and he’s a model (you’ve seen him in the summer 2011 H&M catalog) and fashion blogger at With several piercings on his face and edgy outfits, he’s the type that doesn’t go unnoticed. You might also note his unusual accessories, like Chanel bags and colorful clutches.


About the author:

Daria, freelance writer and fashion blogger, social media enthusiast and passionate vintage shopper. Currently blogging at Glasses on Web about eyeglasses and sunglasses and at Celebrity Sunglasses Watcher about celebrities.

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