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Lately, backpacks have become my go-to carry all. Don’t get me wrong I use backpacks, but I preferred the standard handbag. The only downside of using a handbag is that it’s in your hand, occupying a space that can be for something else. So, I guess you can say that laziness sort of pushed me to the way of the backpack—don’t judge me!

Anywho, backpacks are becoming more and more stylish with each season. The days of the frumpy, boring backpack has come to an end—well, at least for some people.

A Knapsack Delight A Leather Dream

Backpacks today are seen as more than a carry all for your daily necessities. Instead, they are considered an element that can make a bold style statement. From sleek, handsome leather to smart, well-constructed Sherpa, backpacks today, are taking “functional” and “stylish” to a whole new level.

Jackson Hole Sherpa Backpack | Bed Stü

Shiloh Leather Backpack | Bed Stü

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The Top 10 Brands for Men of Style

Let’s face it; finding the perfect clothing store is impossible, there are so many clothing brands in the world and the selection is only getting bigger. So, just when you think you’ve found your ideal brand, you come across a different one and then that becomes your new love—trust me, I know; I go through this almost every month.

With that being said, I curated a list of 10 brands that you could never go wrong with. So, even if you cheat on one of them, you will always find yourself going back:


10) Beta Menswear has quickly become one of my favorite brands. The brand prides itself on one-of-a-kind vintage European clothing. I recommend Beta Menswear to the guy who is really trying to “up” the vintage in his wardrobe. I like Beta Menswear because they are not only affordable, but they offer great quality clothing.

DENIM  SUPPLY9) I really like Denim & Supply. Their specialty is modern-vintage clothing, so you can expect to see big knit sweaters, “worn” boots, distressed jeans; basically anything that expresses the quintessential vintage lifestyle. But, just because its foundation is in vintage pieces doesn’t mean you can style it to your needs. After all, it’s about how you wear it.

LEVIS8) Known for its quality and denim, Levi’s has remained a favorite among people for decades. What I like about this brand is their “for all tastes” ideology. Levi’s has something for everyone, despite age, sex, gender, race, etc. when you visit Levi’s you are for sure going to find at least one thing that you love. My favorite item from Levi’s is their 510 skinny jeans.

REISS7) REISS is the epitome of sophistication. From sleek tailored trousers to handsome suppressed waist blazers, this British brand brings European class to current and future tastemakers. I am obsessed with their sweaters, they are simple, but modern.

CLARKS6) The desert boot, need I say more? I am in love with the Clarks desert boots, I own over 20 pairs of those boots. They are versatile, comfortable, and can be worn with almost anything and not look out-of-place. Indeed, Clarks sells other things, but their signature desert boots (and their Montacute Lord collection) are to die for.

DEL TORO5) Del Toro is my favorite footwear brand. I am still kicking myself for only coming across the brand a few months ago. Almost all of their footwear is made from fine Italian Leather, so you are guaranteed amazing quality. And before you start to freak out and write Del Toro off as being super expensive…it’s not. Everything, for the most part, will run you about $300 bucks, which is not super expensive when compared to other brands of a similar caliber. I love Del Toro because all of the shoes look great. The brand does a wonderful job at designing their footwear to standout, especially with their celebrity collaborations (i.e. Russell Westbrook and Hattie Stewart).

UNIQLO4) Uniqlo, Uniqlo. Oh, Uniqlo. Why are you so amazing? If you read the post where I ranted about my love for Uniqlo, you already know that I am hooked on this brand. Why? You ask. Well, why not? Uniqlo makes great quality clothing at prices that make you wonder if there was a typo when printing the tags. I love their t-shirts and corduroy button-downs. Everything is just made so…well.

ALLSAINTS3) Then, there is my dark twisted fantasy in the form of ALLSAINTS. When I say that 45% of my wardrobe is ALLSAINTS, I am as serious as a heart attack. Known for its edgy, muted aesthetic, this British brand revamped the notion of “heroine (yes, the drug) chic.” As you can imagine all the clothing has a very grunge feel to it, so if color is your thing, I’d stay away from ALLSAINTS. But, if you want to add some edge your wardrobe, then that is the brand for you.

CLUB MONACO2) Club Monaco is by far one of the best places to shop for modern,  sophisticated clothing.  I practically live in Club Monaco. The clothes look as if they cost thousands of dollars when they aren’t. Club Monaco is the perfect place for someone who wants to add some maturity to their look without completely breaking the bank or looking like their father. All of the clothes, for the most part,  are made to be slim-fitting. So, you are guaranteed a very tailored and modern look.

ZARA1) Considered to be the “the most innovative and devastating [brand] in the world,” Zara takes the top spot on my list. I’m a huge fan of the brand because, in my opinion, they have “mastered” fashion. Zara unlocked the key of creating on-trend, high fashion, at everyday prices. One cannot walk past a Zara store and not be captivated by the looks that dwell its display window. The best thing about Zara is that you are surrounded by pieces that will have you looking as if you spent thousands of dollars. Plus, you are sure to find something that you like, whether it’s in the form of a blazer, shirt, trousers. You name it, you can find it at Zara.

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Saturday, September 6th was the highly anticipated SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ SS’15 presentation and I was happy to be invited to see it as I’ve been following the brand since reading about them in Jet Magazine. Created by Sherman Joseph and Preston Williams, SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ brings a fresh take on tailored men’s fashion, combining houndstooth with a motif pattern and  a rich raisin hue on a sleek silhouette to create a sharp, polished presentation. The brand really showcased how men’s fashion can be minimalistic, yet modern with refined ease.

As you can imagine, I am not the only person who admires SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ’s innovative aesthetic. So, it came as no I surprise when I found out that the collection was styled by Mitsu Tsuchiya, noted tastemaker in the world of fashion and coveted senior men’s marketing editor at Nylon Magazine. The presentation even attracted the likes of actor, Michael Jai White; Model, Don Benjamin; and Singer/Songwriter, Mateo.

My favorite item was the white and black houndstooth jacket; its classic look and modern craftsmanship highlights its sleek, trim fit. So, its sure to keep any look cutting-edge. I can’t wait to add the jacket to my collection. Hell, I can’t wait to add all of the pieces to my collection. So, Sherman and Preston, if you’re guys reading this, I need them in my life ASAP!

Anywho, I loved the presentation, as if you can’t already tell. SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ truly embodies what it means to be a man in style society.

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There is more to being a man of style than just layering. It is important to be versatile. A true man of style can make anything look great, whether it is a basic v-neck t-shirt and jeans or slim fitting trousers, button-down, and a shawl cardigan.

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Dark DazeDark DazeDark Daze
No matter the season, I love wearing dark colors. It always seem to suit my needs. For this look I paired a dark blue denim shirt with jet black skinny jeans and tassel loafers. I was going for a semi-casual look, hence the denim shirt.

Denim Short Sleeve Button-Down | Club Monaco

Jet Black Denim Jeans | GAP

Black Tasseled Loafers | G.H Bass

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Denim Daze

Denim Daze

I’ve always been a fan of denim on denim, when it’s done right of course. It is the perfect last minute ‘throw-on’ outfit, you know for those days that you wake up late for work or only have 35 minutes to get to that 8:45 AM class. But, there are levels to stacking denim, well only one level–and that’s to make sure that the colors aren’t the same. Why, because it looks weird as if you wrapped yourself in a denim fabric. And besides it looks better when there are two different colors.

Blue Denim Jean | ALLSAINTS

Taupe Desert Boots | Clarks

Blue Denim Button Down | ZARA

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I never cared for print before. Why? It just didn’t do it for me. I was really simplicity and prints kind of threw that off. but, then I began experimenting and now I am a print addict.  I recommend mixing prints because it adds even more character to your outfit. Just look at Solange Knowles, she is not afraid to mix prints and colors–and it works!

Floral Print Short Sleeve Button-Down | Club Monaco

Dark Gray Short | Uniqlo

Plaid Weejun Loafers | G.H Bass

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Boom, Pow, Pow Boom, Pow, Pow Boom, Pow, Pow


It’s summer, so why should the upper body have all of the fun. I went with bright neon yellow shorts because…I thought it was pretty funky. I paired it with a off-white printed shirt and camo print loafers to add some more personality.

Off-white Floral Print Short Sleeve Button-Down | Club Monaco

Neon Yellow Short | Uniqlo

Camo Print Weejun Loafers | Bass

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Simply Sophisticated

Simply Sophisticated

Simply Sophisticated

Every man should have at least one topcoat in his closet. Why? Because it adds maturity to your wardrobe, not to mention, you would look really suave walking down the street. Although, topcoats are outercoats and meant to be layered, I sometimes wearing as a single coat.

 Gray Herringbone Topcoat | ALLSAINTS

Burgundy Corduroy Button-Down | Uniqlo

Black Stone Washed Denim Jean | ALLSAINTS

Black Leather Desert Boots | Clarks

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Where Have You Been, Uniqlo?



Fall is officially 4 days away and I’ve been trying to build my new fall wardrobe. So, I’ve been searching high and low for the brand(s) that sell the perfect fall trousers, sweaters, button-downs, jackets, shoes, and boots. I came across a few brands such as All Saints,Ben Sherman, and Vince. But, they are pretty expensive and I just graduated from college 4 months ago. So, I definitely cannot keep shopping there—unless I hit the lottery or become a “skilled” gold digger, but I digress. I have also been trying to uncover less mainstream, upcoming, brands because I not only want to broaden my wardrobe, but I like having things that I know I won’t see 50 people wearing as I walk through Soho. Yes, I know; it’s not about who has it, but how you wear it. But still, I’d rather not.

With all that being said, I want to tell you about my newfound love for Uniqlo. Before you start the grill to roast me, let me explain. I’ve known about Uniqlo for a while, but I didn’t really put much of an effort into checking out their clothing. But, during the summer I was looking for a place where I can get slim-fit T-Shirts that are of great quality and I was referred to Uniqlo by a friend—she calls it the Asian Old Navy—and the rest was history. The clothes are of very, very good quality, better than some of the pricier brands that I shop at. One item that stood out to me is their plain long-sleeve t-shirt. Forget “the touch the feel of cotton,” these shirts are on a completely different level. It was softer than my rabbit fur hat.

Do not get me started on their corduroy print and sold color button-downs, they are definitely worth looking at. And for $29 bucks, it’s a freaking steal. Where was Uniqlo when I was spending almost $200 dollars on a single button-down? Again, I digress. Uniqlo is definitely a great place to shop and if you have not been to the store, you should go. The employees are really nice and the setup is so lively and colorful, sometimes I wonder if the employees throw rave-like parties after closing.

Although, I like Uniqlo, I am not going to make it my destination store for every wardrobe essential. Not, because it’s bad or anything, I just like to have a diverse closet and I use particular brands for certain items. For example, I go to Coach for my leather bags, Club Monaco for my sweaters and button-downs, Banana Republic for my Oxfords, and Fossil for my watches–ahh! Don’t judge me—so, where will Uniqlo fit? Well, I think I’ll make them a destination for my t-shirts and button-downs because I love how they’re cut. And if they keep it up, they might become a destination for more.

So, what are you waiting for? Check ‘em out.

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Printed Style Printed Style Printed Style



Not everyone can pull off a funky print, whether it is a shirt, trousers or anything in between. Wearing print can be either a hit or miss. Does that mean you shouldn’t try it? No. But, be sure what you put together makes sense. For example, do not pair leopard with zebra and Aztec. That would look as what many people would call ratchet. But,  I have seen people pull it off really well.

If you want to pair different prints, make sure that all of the prints are not loud. Have one item be the standout piece and the others should just be a subtle print. However, if you just want to try wearing a funky print, start off with a simple print, something that is not too loud or obnoxious and pair it with neutral colors to be safe. You can definitely wear two items with the same print, but make sure that everything else is neutral.

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Greetings from London,

I know that I have been M.I.A for a while, but can you blame me. I am in London! Which is amazing by the way. The culture, the people and, of course, the fashion are all “snatching.” I met a ton of new people and experience so much. With that being said, this is just the first of the many new photos to come. Enjoy.



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Guest Post by Alice Lawson

Here we go again…..

Sad but true, it’s undoubtedly time to say hello to winter…..

It can be so easy to just throw on our old shabby boots when the weather turns, but this can only work depending on your surroundings. Take a look around you and think about your audience, if you live in the middle of nowhere and your only judges are the local cows and pigs, then yes this may work, but walking through chic Soho in a snow storm wearing something which looks like it was made in the 1920s is a is a completely different story.

Being warm and comfortable this winter doesn’t have to mean wearing your oldest most unfashionable outfits. Winter is here for all of us fashion enthusiasts to get out our fantastic winter coats and snuggly scarfs, and wear stylish boots, which keep our toes from contracting frostbite.

There are hundreds of brands that do cool men’s boots, but I especially like the ones from House of Fraser as they have a huge selection to choose from, and are obviously up to date with our fashion standards. Whether buying for yourself or your lady friend, you won’t be short of choice from this stylish UK retailer.

Unlike others, I like my men to wear matching outfits, but this isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea. Instead of opting for everything black, add a splash of colour to your winter wardrobe, I love dark greens and reds and I think these look really stylish for the winter seasons. One main piece of advice I would say to all of you gentlemen reading, chinos are our women’s Peplum! They go with everything; they can be worn during the summer or winter seasons, and are effortlessly stylish. By putting on pair of cool chinos you have immediately upgraded a standard t-shirt and boots.

However, don’t forget, when picking your winter warmers a matching coat, hat and scarf combination can be just the ticket to completing your over all winter look!



Many of you already know that Lands’ End Canvas is one of my favorite brands, a lot of my outfits can attest to that. So, when I found out that the brand had reinvented their chinos, introducing the world to their new Comer 608 slim-fit chino. I had to have them. When they arrived in the mail, I wasted no time, and tore open the package—yes, it that was serious, don’t judge me. The first thing I noticed was the feel of the pant. It was not stiff nor did it have that “linen cloth” feel that other chinos have. Instead, the fabric was very soft; so soft you can tell just by looking at it. What I love most about this chino is the fact that it is actually slim-fit. I cannot tell you how many times I have encountered chinos that were said to be slim-fit, but fit straight-leg. I commend Lands’ End Canvas for keeping slim-fit, slim.

For this look, I paired my evergreen forest chino with a light blue heritage oxford shirt and gray V-neck t-shirt, which enhanced the green and the blue. The brown striped socks added more personality to my outfit and drew attention to my pant. And I used the brown braided belt to serve as my neutralizer, blending my outfit together.

Despite my rambling about my outfit, I did not forget about you. In fact, I have some great news. You too can experience the chino. Lands’ End Canvas is hosting a contest where they are giving away a $100 gift card each day this week and a $500 grand prize.

To enter, just pin one of my looks and 5 pieces from Land’s End Canvas to a #CanvasChinos board on Pinterest and submit the link to your board on Facebook. In order to get the grand prize you have to make sure that you pin a look from all five bloggers participating in the Land’s End Challenge— Tucked Style, Eye4Style, and Budget Babe—along with 5 other pieces from Canvas and the contest graphic below. Easy Right? So, what are you waiting for, start pinning. And while you are at it, check out tomorrow’s blogger, Fashionalities, to see what look she went with.

Evergreen Forest Comer 608 Slim Fit Chino | Lands’ End Canvas

Blue Heritage Oxford Shirt | Lands’ End Canvas

Gray Heather Heritage V-neck T-Shirt | Lands’ End Canvas

Brown Striped Ragg Socks | Lands’ End Canvas

Brown Leather Braided Belt | Lands’ End Canvas

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I was given the opportunity to help set up and run the 2012 Capsule men’s fashion trade show in New York City. Although, it was a lot of work, the end result made everything worth it—I cannot put in words how it felt to watch something this large come together in 2 days. This was my first time seeing a fashion trade show and the whole thing mesmerized me. Watching the designers, buyers, sellers, and bloggers interact with each other was a great sight. Although, I was busy helping out with show, I was still able to experience Capsule and view all of the S/S ’13 collections from brands such as Bass to Yuketen.

While I saw many things that I could not wait to get in my closet–such as the jeans from Naked and Famous that changes color according to your body heat–there were 7 pieces that really stood out to me.

Caminando S/S ’13

When I saw these loafers I fell in love. Caminando was able to successfully take the traditional penny loafer and bring it to a whole new level, while preserving its classy appeal. I can definitely see myself wearing these.

Mark McNairy S/S ’13

I used to shy away from animal prints, especially leopard. Why? Because I just thought animal print looks weird on men. However, my view has drastically changed and now I think men should definitely wear animal print; it adds edge and shows confidence. So, when I saw this jacket by Mark McNairy, I had to have it.

Shades of Grey S/S ’13

Forget animal print, this jacket from the Shades of Grey collection uses the whole animal. And it is done very tastefully. Instead of being loud and obnoxious, the print is very subtle and blends well with the jacket.

Bass S/S ’13

If you have not already figured it out by now, I sort of have a small—okay big—obsession with loafers. So, when I saw these loafers from Bass I lost it. I find them very sexy—yes, I call shoes sexy, do not judge me—especially the color blend. It has this vintage look that I love and the way that it shines, oh my gosh.

Yuketen S/S ’13

You already know how much I love loafers and animal print. So, you can only imagine my reaction when I this cheetah print loafer from Yuketen. I think you get the picture.


I love these anchor bracelets, I have not seen anything like them before. I love the way that they look and the classic appeal they posses.

Jean-Michael Basqiuat S/S ’13

I have a confession. I am one of those people who dress’ their gadgets up—you know those people who have about 20 different cases for their phones, iPods, laptops and other gadgets. So, when I saw these laptop and iPad cases, I shed a tear.

Check out some of my other favorites from the show:

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Store Spotlight: Proof

Ahh! I love wooden sunglasses! Okay, wait. Maybe I should start from the top before you begin to think I have gone crazy.

Proof is another favorite brand of mine. I became aware of the it after I saw a picture rapper, Snoop Dogg, wearing the brand’s signature sunglasses. And as the saying goes, “the rest was history.”

Proof was founded in January 2011 by Brooks, Taylor, and Todd Dame; three brothers who not only wanted to present the world with a different kind of eyewear, but help give sight to those who cannot see—a large portion of Proofs profits go to eye-surgeries in India. Inspired by their grandfather, an entrepreneur who started a small sawmill that evolved into a successful family business, the Dame brothers used the knowledge they gained in the wood industry to add a wooden twist to traditional eyewear.

From the moment I saw their collection of wooden sunglasses, I was very impressed, so impressed that I bought four pairs within 10 minutes—do not judge me. I love the cut and design of the frames, they are well made and the detail is superb—the result of having every pair handcrafted. In addition, the sunglasses are lightweight, which is something I did not expect when thinking about eyewear made of wood. What I like the most about their sunglasses is the durability, these are not flimsy accessories that will fall apart after a few wears, they are built to last a long time.

Proof prides itself on making eyewear that “offers a look and feel that can’t be replicated.” And from what I have experienced, it is definitely something that I can confirm. In short, Proof is a wonderful brand and I recommend it to everyone. And for those who are concerned about the cutting down of trees, Proof has you in mind. All of the wood that is not used in their sunglasses is replanted.

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Store Spotlight: MOSCOT

MOSCOT was founded by Hyman Moscot, an Eastern European immigrant, who found his niche for eyewear while selling eyeglasses from a pushcart on Orchard Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 1899—which is symbolized in the brand’s logo. And over 100 years later, MOSCOT has become the “poster-eye” for eyewear, inspiring other brands across the world and becoming the go to brand for celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Justin Theroux.

I was introduced to the brand a few months ago and since then, their eyewear have become must-have accessories for all of my outfits—obsessive, yeah, maybe just a little. But who could blame me; MOSCOT has the appeal and versatility that I love. So, when I was given the opportunity to interview Wendy Simmons, Co-President of MOSCOT for about 8 years, I was all over it.

Wendy described MOSCOT as brand based on 3 pillars, history, fashion, and humor, all which have equal measure. In other words, MOSCOT is not a brand that takes itself too seriously. Although their frames are designed to be fashionable and fashion forward, they are not in a cookie cutter format. Instead, the brand gives personality to their eyewear; every frame has a humorous element to it, every frame is unique, and every frame tells a story. It is no surprise that the brand’s fan base is constantly growing.

What I love most about the brand is that it has managed to maintain its traditional roots—the vision that Hyman Moscot had in mind—creating frames reminiscent of MOSCOT styles from decades ago. And knowing that the brand hand quality controls every single frame, tells me that providing the best optical experience for fans is a number one priority, which I find admirable.

I asked Wendy to describe MOSCOT in three words and she said, “authentic, bold, and fun.” And I agree. MOSCOT is more than a brand and more than eyewear—it is iconic.


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Who says that you cannot layer up when it is warm out side? I do it all the time, it is all about how you layer. For example, do not wear a merino wool sweater with a button-down shirt when it is 75 degrees outside, instead, go light. Pair a tank top with a button-down or flannel shirt–with the sleeves rolled up–think of it as a t-shirt that is cut open. And finish with your favorite jean and sneakers. Although it is fun to show some skin, it also cool to layer up.

Blue Tank Top | SOGO

Red Flannel Shirt | Uniqlo

Olive Corduroy Pant | Levi’s

Black and White Sneakers | Converse

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