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Whether it’s in-person or through my blog, I love meeting new people. Why? Because you never know what they can teach you or the ways in which they can inspire you.

With that being said, I’d like to introduce you all to Jana, a London-based fashion illustrator and the tastemaker behind the blog Le Completiste. I met Jana through my blog—she commented on a post, I responded, looked at her blog, and the rest was history.

I was so impressed with her work that I asked Jana to create a sketch using a few photos from shoots that I’ve done. I was blown away by the results:



Street Gent+


Luxe ConstructionLuxe Construction

Jana’s ability to effortlessly construct alluring sketches from just looking at a photo, defines luxe creativity. I am most impressed by the sleek contour detailing of each sketch, which not only adds compulsive-edge, but also makes an artful statement in the realm of fashion illustration.

Le CompletisteLe CompletisteI wanted to get a better sense about Jana and how she came about creating her blog, so I asked her a few questions:

Why did you start “Le Completiste?”

“I was about to turn 30 and feeling completely frustrated that I wasn’t doing anything creative. I studied design for years, I loved designing and I just felt my talent slipping away. So, I decided to start the blog as a creative outlet. I also loved fashion illustration and wanted to see how good I could get if I practiced, so that was part of it too. Now it’s a kind of online visual diary for me, and I love that because it’s public, I’m motivated to keep creating (otherwise it’s just too easy to get lazy)!” 

What is your source of inspiration?

“Is it too easy just to say everything? Seriously though, I work in fashion, I constantly surround myself with it and I find inspiration everywhere. I would have to say my biggest source is definitely photography (I love Bill Henson and also the work of people like Garance Dore) as well as architecture (Modernist and Brutalist in particular).”

Who would be the dream person in fashion that you would love to meet? Why?

“I can’t limit this to just one:

  • First, would be Alexander Wang—I am in awe of what he has achieved (we are the same age and I am quite a way behind him!). I would love to pick his brains and watch him work. He also seems really down to earth and like he’d be really great to work with/for.
  • Second, would be the guys from Proenza Schouler. I saw them speak at last year’s Vogue Fashion Festival and they also seem like they’d be amazing and inspiring to work with/for. Especially their process around developing textures and prints—they work in the same way I do and I would love to watch it in action.
  • Third, would be Phoebe Philo because well…the woman is amazing! She has single-handedly changed fashion and continues to do so. I think she’s a genius.”


So, what are you waiting for? Check her out:

Le Completiste


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I am always on the lookout for new brands. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I like to venture outside the usual style outlets that I go to. So, when I came across the men’s brand J.J. Threads, I knew that I was on to something.

Customize Your Style Customize Your Style

J.J. Threads describe themselves as an unconventional shirt-maker and I agree. Why? Because they leave the designing to you and what’s even better, you don’t even have to design a shirt; there are pre-designed styles that you can choose from. This comes in handy if you’re having trouble making up your mind or if you just want something right away.

Customize Your Style

I selected a black precision-cut shirt with eye-popping print and high-impact color, which if you ask me, reminds me of the nebula galaxies. The shirt was high quality and well crafted, which is a great formula when looking for the perfect shirt. Not to mention, it lends a fresh, modern feel to the classic dress shirt.

Customize Your Style

With that being said J.J. Threads is a trend-right brand that effortlessly captures the eclectic spirit of made-to-measure and polished perfection. So, what are you waiting for? Check ‘em out:

J.J. Threads

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“I love boots, boots, boots, boots;

Boots I do adore”

Yes, I had to give my rendition of “Girls, Girls, Girls” by Jay-Z. Why? because I love boots, haha.

Anyhow, as it gets colder and the threat of snow finally hit, at least in New York City, I’ve been wearing every pair of boots that I own. However, there is one pair in particular that I wear so often, I decided to write about it.

Unparalleled Statement Style

I first came across Clarks’ Montacute Lord in London about two years ago. When I saw them I became obsessed and bought them instantly. The Montacute Lord solves the equation for contemporary boots with versatility and sophistication. From polished leather upper to traditional wingtip detailing, the Montacute Lord is the perfect blend of rugged and refined.

Unparalleled Statement Style Unparalleled Statement Style Unparalleled Statement Style

So, when I saw that they have finally been released in America, I knew they would be a hit. Why wouldn’t they? These boots add handsome distinction to any look–from trousers to jeans.


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More and more, I have been getting into the use of jewelry to accessorize my wardrobe. I grew tired of leather rope/beaded bracelets, watches, and maybe an earring or two that seems to be the standard when it comes to men’s accessorizes. I wanted jewelry that makes a debonair impression without being bland. So, when I came across the men’s jewelry brand ­Jan-D, I was instantly impressed.

Created by Dutch born jewelry designer Jan D. Gjaltema, the Texas-based brand features a refined take on men’s jewelry. Although most modern men’s jewelry lines that I have come across consists of nautical themes, skulls, or Celtic images, Jan-D is able to stand on it’s own with striking of-the-moment craftsmanship and subtle detailing.

Jewelry with a Refined Edge Jewelry with a Refined Edge Jewelry with a Refined Edge

Designed in a range of metals from to copper to pure gold, the brand takes men’s jewelry to new heights with handsome and contemporary pieces. I love that each piece has a unique look, but can still be worn with almost anything—a true chameleon in the realm of men’s jewelry.

Jewelry with a Refined Edge

I can definitely see Jan-D becoming a wardrobe staple for men who wants to depart from tradition and arrive at something that interrupts the jewelry standard.

Jewelry with a Refined Edge

 Like what you see. Click the link below for more:





Men, for the most part, play it safe when using jewelry to accessorize their wardrobe. Some men prefer watches; some opt for bracelets and maybe a ring, while others wear it all. Either way, jewelry is pretty much black and white when it comes to men’s fashion.

PerePaix: Jewelery for the Modern Man

However, I recently came across a men’s jewelry brand called PerePaix and I must say that it definitely brings some color to that black and white “hold” men are in. All of the jewelry are headlining pieces, defined by a much-needed unconventional edge that is rarely, if ever seen in men’s jewelry. From galactic-esq detailing to pure 24k Mediterranean gold to the ornate display of religious symbols, PerePaix sets the stage for on-trend, yet original pieces.

PerePaix: Jewelery for the Modern Man

I love that the jewelry is crafted with a personality as well as a unique story that is to be told by the person who wears it. Not to mention, it challenges the blueprint for men’s jewelry. So, kudos to Avshalom Rave, the designer who challenged fashion norms and reimagined what men’s jewelry looks like.

PerePaix: Jewelery for the Modern Man PerePaix: Jewelery for the Modern Man

Be sure to check them out, you won’t be disappointed:


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Style for the Cold Style for the Cold


It is getting pretty cold, at least in New York City, but that is still not an excuse to no longer adhere to your duties as a man of style. In fact, I find that the best outfits are imagined when it’s cold. We all know that layering is an important part of men’s fashion, so layer the hell up and look good doing it.

To be clear, layering is not an excuse to just throw on everything in your closet and call it “style.” Make sure that all of the pieces compliment each other. And keep in mind, it can be as simple as a sweater, button-down, and a cool supple leather bomber. Of course, you can take risks, but just don’t layer for sake of layering. Make sure it has a meaning, think of the story that you want to tell.

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Lately, backpacks have become my go-to carry all. Don’t get me wrong I use backpacks, but I preferred the standard handbag. The only downside of using a handbag is that it’s in your hand, occupying a space that can be for something else. So, I guess you can say that laziness sort of pushed me to the way of the backpack—don’t judge me!

Anywho, backpacks are becoming more and more stylish with each season. The days of the frumpy, boring backpack has come to an end—well, at least for some people.

A Knapsack Delight A Leather Dream

Backpacks today are seen as more than a carry all for your daily necessities. Instead, they are considered an element that can make a bold style statement. From sleek, handsome leather to smart, well-constructed Sherpa, backpacks today, are taking “functional” and “stylish” to a whole new level.

Jackson Hole Sherpa Backpack | Bed Stü

Shiloh Leather Backpack | Bed Stü

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The Top 10 Brands for Men of Style

Let’s face it; finding the perfect clothing store is impossible, there are so many clothing brands in the world and the selection is only getting bigger. So, just when you think you’ve found your ideal brand, you come across a different one and then that becomes your new love—trust me, I know; I go through this almost every month.

With that being said, I curated a list of 10 brands that you could never go wrong with. So, even if you cheat on one of them, you will always find yourself going back:


10) Beta Menswear has quickly become one of my favorite brands. The brand prides itself on one-of-a-kind vintage European clothing. I recommend Beta Menswear to the guy who is really trying to “up” the vintage in his wardrobe. I like Beta Menswear because they are not only affordable, but they offer great quality clothing.

DENIM  SUPPLY9) I really like Denim & Supply. Their specialty is modern-vintage clothing, so you can expect to see big knit sweaters, “worn” boots, distressed jeans; basically anything that expresses the quintessential vintage lifestyle. But, just because its foundation is in vintage pieces doesn’t mean you can style it to your needs. After all, it’s about how you wear it.

LEVIS8) Known for its quality and denim, Levi’s has remained a favorite among people for decades. What I like about this brand is their “for all tastes” ideology. Levi’s has something for everyone, despite age, sex, gender, race, etc. when you visit Levi’s you are for sure going to find at least one thing that you love. My favorite item from Levi’s is their 510 skinny jeans.

REISS7) REISS is the epitome of sophistication. From sleek tailored trousers to handsome suppressed waist blazers, this British brand brings European class to current and future tastemakers. I am obsessed with their sweaters, they are simple, but modern.

CLARKS6) The desert boot, need I say more? I am in love with the Clarks desert boots, I own over 20 pairs of those boots. They are versatile, comfortable, and can be worn with almost anything and not look out-of-place. Indeed, Clarks sells other things, but their signature desert boots (and their Montacute Lord collection) are to die for.

DEL TORO5) Del Toro is my favorite footwear brand. I am still kicking myself for only coming across the brand a few months ago. Almost all of their footwear is made from fine Italian Leather, so you are guaranteed amazing quality. And before you start to freak out and write Del Toro off as being super expensive…it’s not. Everything, for the most part, will run you about $300 bucks, which is not super expensive when compared to other brands of a similar caliber. I love Del Toro because all of the shoes look great. The brand does a wonderful job at designing their footwear to standout, especially with their celebrity collaborations (i.e. Russell Westbrook and Hattie Stewart).

UNIQLO4) Uniqlo, Uniqlo. Oh, Uniqlo. Why are you so amazing? If you read the post where I ranted about my love for Uniqlo, you already know that I am hooked on this brand. Why? You ask. Well, why not? Uniqlo makes great quality clothing at prices that make you wonder if there was a typo when printing the tags. I love their t-shirts and corduroy button-downs. Everything is just made so…well.

ALLSAINTS3) Then, there is my dark twisted fantasy in the form of ALLSAINTS. When I say that 45% of my wardrobe is ALLSAINTS, I am as serious as a heart attack. Known for its edgy, muted aesthetic, this British brand revamped the notion of “heroine (yes, the drug) chic.” As you can imagine all the clothing has a very grunge feel to it, so if color is your thing, I’d stay away from ALLSAINTS. But, if you want to add some edge your wardrobe, then that is the brand for you.

CLUB MONACO2) Club Monaco is by far one of the best places to shop for modern,  sophisticated clothing.  I practically live in Club Monaco. The clothes look as if they cost thousands of dollars when they aren’t. Club Monaco is the perfect place for someone who wants to add some maturity to their look without completely breaking the bank or looking like their father. All of the clothes, for the most part,  are made to be slim-fitting. So, you are guaranteed a very tailored and modern look.

ZARA1) Considered to be the “the most innovative and devastating [brand] in the world,” Zara takes the top spot on my list. I’m a huge fan of the brand because, in my opinion, they have “mastered” fashion. Zara unlocked the key of creating on-trend, high fashion, at everyday prices. One cannot walk past a Zara store and not be captivated by the looks that dwell its display window. The best thing about Zara is that you are surrounded by pieces that will have you looking as if you spent thousands of dollars. Plus, you are sure to find something that you like, whether it’s in the form of a blazer, shirt, trousers. You name it, you can find it at Zara.

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Saturday, September 6th was the highly anticipated SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ SS’15 presentation and I was happy to be invited to see it as I’ve been following the brand since reading about them in Jet Magazine. Created by Sherman Joseph and Preston Williams, SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ brings a fresh take on tailored men’s fashion, combining houndstooth with a motif pattern and  a rich raisin hue on a sleek silhouette to create a sharp, polished presentation. The brand really showcased how men’s fashion can be minimalistic, yet modern with refined ease.

As you can imagine, I am not the only person who admires SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ’s innovative aesthetic. So, it came as no I surprise when I found out that the collection was styled by Mitsu Tsuchiya, noted tastemaker in the world of fashion and coveted senior men’s marketing editor at Nylon Magazine. The presentation even attracted the likes of actor, Michael Jai White; Model, Don Benjamin; and Singer/Songwriter, Mateo.

My favorite item was the white and black houndstooth jacket; its classic look and modern craftsmanship highlights its sleek, trim fit. So, its sure to keep any look cutting-edge. I can’t wait to add the jacket to my collection. Hell, I can’t wait to add all of the pieces to my collection. So, Sherman and Preston, if you’re guys reading this, I need them in my life ASAP!

Anywho, I loved the presentation, as if you can’t already tell. SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ truly embodies what it means to be a man in style society.

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There is more to being a man of style than just layering. It is important to be versatile. A true man of style can make anything look great, whether it is a basic v-neck t-shirt and jeans or slim fitting trousers, button-down, and a shawl cardigan.

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