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Fall Pop Fall Pop Fall Pop

My favorite season, fall, is finally rearing its lovely head. For this look, I wanted to go somewhat neutral, but have a slight pop of color. I went with a blue print button-down and navy jean because I find the color blue to be a handsome, yet transitional addition to any look. It works for casual workdays and weekends alike. I paired it with wine desert boots for that coveted eye-catching, “meant to be seen” appeal.

Blue Print Button-Down | Club Monaco

Navy Denim Jean | Guess

Wine Desert Boot | Clarks


End of Summer Style End of Summer Style End of Summer Style End of Summer Style

We have 3 weekends left before summer officially ends, well at least for those of us who live in seasonal states/countries, so make the best of it. Personally, I prefer fall weather over the summer because I feel that there are more outfit options. Let’s be honest, there is only so much one can wear during the summer months before saying “screw this,” I’m wearing a t-shirt. But, I digress.

End the summer on a bright, bold note. I love red printed shirts, I feel that they add a certain flare not only to your outfit, but it highlights your face—especially when you’re hit by the sun’s spotlight. For this look I went with a red floral print polo shirt and powder blue trousers to create a stark contrast. White shoes were added for neutrality.

Red Floral Polo Shirt | GAP

Powder Blue Trousers | Club Monaco

White Slip-On Sneakers | Helmut Lang

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Tee Stylin'Tee Stylin' Tee Stylin'

Although it is very cliché, a crisp t-shirt, worn fitted jeans, and clean sneakers are always a win for summer styling. But, it doesn’t have to be boring. Feel free to wear bold colors, or funky patterns. It’s the summer and its 90 degrees, no one is expecting you to be in a 3 piece suit—unless you’re working on Wall Street, then I feel bad for you. But for those who don’t have to wear a suit, don’t. You could still be on-trend and well-put-together with just a t-shirt.

Powder Blue T-Shirt | Uniqlo

Hard Denim Jeans | ALLSAINTS

Black and White Velvet Slip-on Sneakers | Alberto Moretti



Timeless Timeless Timeless TimelessI, like most men, would consider myself a watch enthusiast. Why? Because watches are to men as handbags are to women, they are the staple piece that brings our look full circle as a sophisticated addition. Although I can appreciate a fully polished handsome timepiece, I am really drawn towards unique watches. You know, the unconventional timepiece. So, when I came across this minimalistic watch by Galloway Gear I had to have it. With a very understated dial and sleek look, this watch combines modernity with innovation.

Minimalist Watch | Galloway Gear 

Leopard Print Short-Sleeve Shirt | Club Monaco

Gray Sweatshorts | GAP

Navy Sneakers | Common Projects


Get the Casual Look Get the Casual Look Get the Casual Look Get the Casual LookAll of a sudden New York City decided to get freakishly hot. And as I said in previous posts, I strongly dislike hot and humid weather because it limits what you can you wear–I give props to the men who can wear suits and blazers in 95 degree weather. For this look I went very, very causal pairing sweatshorts with a short-sleeve polo shirt. I wore loafers to add a hint of flair.

Navy Polo Shirt | Uniqlo

Gray Sweatshorts | GAP

Red and Blue Loafers | G.H. Bass


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Miami Vice for the Summer Miami Vice for the Summer Miami Vice for the SummerBlazers are a staple summer piece. Timeless and transitional, they deliver classic styling and sleek sophistication. During the summer months, I opt for very striking colors that really highlight my complexion and add panache to my overall look.

Looks 1 with White Blazer | Zara

Looks 2 with Pink Blazer | Zara

Burgundy Loafers | G.H. Bass

Grey Boat Shoes | Sperry

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A 4th of July Look A 4th of July Look A 4th of July Look A 4th of July Look A 4th of July Look

Happy 4th of July! I know that this holiday is the epitome of patriotism and I’m pretty sure that most of you already have your 4th of July look ready, but I have suggestion. Instead of opting for the usual American flag attire, try playing with the colors (red, white, and blue). Pair them with pieces that you won’t normally see worn with those hues. For me, I wore my American flag colored sneakers with a denim chambray shirt and navy sweatshorts to create a dramatic contrast and make a sartorial salute to my feet. So, try something different; it doesn’t have to be drastic. Sail into the weekend with something that not only catches the eye, but also holds it.

Tri-Colored Sneakers | Brooks

Denim Chambray Shirt | Club Monaco

Navy Sweat Shorts | GAP

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Women's Fashion...for the Guys Women's Fashion...for the Guys Women's Fashion...for the Guys Women's Fashion...for the Guys

Women's Fashion...for the Guys

Women's Fashion...for the Guys Women's Fashion...for the Guys Women's Fashion...for the Guys

I am pretty sure that I told this to you all before, but I’ll say it again. Although I am a men’s fashion blogger, I get a lot of my inspiration from womenwear. I find women’s fashion to be, for the most, very innovative—from dip-dyed dresses, resplendent with hues of bold colors to sleek, yet simple gowns. A lot of my outfits have been inspired by women, hell it was womenswear that pushed me towards a leaner silhouette as well as experimenting with mixing prints. Who said women’s fashion was only for the ladies.

White Tie Top | Alicia Bell

Blue Tuxedo Dress | Alicia Bell

White Openwork Lace Dress | Alicia Bell

Greenwich Multi-colored Clutch (Crushed Ice Leather) | Black Sea Collection

Tribeca Silver Pochette | Black Sea Collection

Tribeca Gold Pochette | Black Sea Collection

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Men have grown a lot in terms of fashion. When you compare the way we dressed in 2005 to the way we dress in 2015, there is an obvious change. Men have become more aware of how to dress for the occasion, they understand the importance of grooming to achieve a sophisticated look. Hell, men are even wearing sandals outside of the beach. But, most importantly men are not as afraid of the word “jewelry” as they once were. No longer is jewelry seen as a “woman thing.” In fact, men have moved up from only wearing watches and graduation rings to bracelets and necklaces. Hell, they are even getting piercings in places other than the “left ear.” I guess you can say that we’ve become more, um…’daring.’

Earth Stones

With that being said, I recently came across Thread & Jewel, a unisex jewelry brand created by Zuri Croson in 2012. What caught my attention about the brand is that its jewelry is pretty unconventional. There weren’t any of the typical things that you would expect from a jewelry brand such as metal watches, silver/gold chains, and leather bracelets. Instead, the pieces were made from earth stones—you know, those beautiful rocks that you saw and read about in Geology class.

Earth Stones

I never thought of earth-stones as “jewelry” I wasn’t sure how or when you’re supposed to wear them. But, I gave it a try and I must say that it’s no different from standard jewelry. You can wear it just the same. However, I feel earth stones add a certain pizzazz—they energize and bring a modern update to your look. And the jewelry is made from raw materials, so no two pieces are alike.

Earth Stones Earth Stones Earth StonesJewelry is meant to enhance your outfit by upping the authenticity in your everyday style.

So, what are you waiting for? Check ’em out

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Chic Shane

This may come as a surprise, but I don’t really like the summer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ll take warmer weather any day. But, my issue with summer is the lack of summer dress. I love layering and creating new looks, but there is not much one can wear in 95-degree weather that is not a t-shirt and shorts. However, I’ve come to find out that it is indeed possible to layer up in the summer. You just have to be smart about it!                                                                       Chic Shane

Chic Shane Chic Shane

Blue Oxford Button-Down | Uniqlo

Metal Watch | REC

Olive Print Chino Pant | Club Monaco

Linen-Leather Loafer | Axel Arigato

Gray V-Neck T-Shirt | Uniqlo

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