A Gentleman’s Topcoat

A Gentleman's TopcoatA Gentleman's Topcoat

Every man should have at least one topcoat in their closet. Why? Because it adds maturity to your wardrobe, not to mention, you would look really suave walking down the street. Although, topcoats are outercoats and meant to be layered, I sometimes wearing as a single coat.

Gray Herringbone Topcoat | ALLSAINTS

Burgundy and Mustard Stripe Crewneck Sweater | Ben Sherman

Taupe Corduroy Trouser | ALLSAINTS

Brown Leather Desert Boots | Clarks


Varsity. Shane and Walter (31 of 56) Varsity.

Varsity jackets are a classic piece. I have about 10 of them, don’t judge me, I couldn’t help myself. Varsity’s are also very versatile and can be worn in the fall and spring–although I wear it in the winter as well.

Black Wool (and Leather) Varsity Jacket  | Club Monaco

Black Leather Desert Boots | Clarks

Burgundy Corduroy Button-Down | Uniqlo

Rinse Denim Jeans | ALLSAINTS

Confessions of A Gentleman

Confessions of A Gentleman Confessions of A Gentleman

Burgundy Blazer | Zara

Gray V-Neck Sweater | Club Monaco

White Print Button-Down | Zara

Slate Chino Pant | ALLSAINTS

Brown Oxford Shoes | Banana Republic

Where Have You Been, Uniqlo?

Where Have You Been, Uniqlo?

Fall is officially 4 days away and I’ve been trying to build my new fall wardrobe. So, I’ve been searching high and low for the brand(s) that sell the perfect fall trousers, sweaters, button-downs, jackets, shoes, and boots. I came across a few brands such as All Saints, Ben Sherman, and Vince. But, they are pretty expensive and I just graduated from college 4 months ago. So, I definitely cannot keep shopping there—unless I hit the lottery or become a “skilled” gold digger, but I digress. I have also been trying to uncover less mainstream, upcoming, brands because I not only want to broaden my wardrobe, but I like having things that I know I won’t see 50 people wearing as I walk through Soho. Yes, I know; it’s not about who has it, but how you wear it. But still, I’d rather not.

With all that being said, I want to tell you about my newfound love for Uniqlo. Before you start the grill to roast me, let me explain. I’ve known about Uniqlo for a while, but I didn’t really put much of an effort into checking out their clothing. But, during the summer I was looking for a place where I can get slim-fit T-Shirts that are of great quality and I was referred to Uniqlo by a friend—she calls it the Asian Old Navy—and the rest was history. The clothes are of very, very good quality, better than some of the pricier brands that I shop at. One item that stood out to me is their plain long-sleeve t-shirt. Forget “the touch the feel of cotton,” these shirts are on a completely different level. It was softer than my rabbit fur hat.

Do not get me started on their corduroy print and sold color button-downs, they are definitely worth looking at. And for $29 bucks, it’s a freaking steal. Where was Uniqlo when I was spending almost $200 dollars on a single button-down? Again, I digress. Uniqlo is definitely a great place to shop and if you have not been to the store, you should go. The employees are really nice and the setup is so lively and colorful, sometimes I wonder if the employees throw rave-like parties after closing.

Although, I like Uniqlo, I am not going to make it my destination store for every wardrobe essential. Not, because it’s bad or anything, I just like to have a diverse closet and I use particular brands for certain items. For example, I go to Coach for my leather bags, Club Monaco for my sweaters and button-downs, Banana Republic for my Oxfords, and Fossil for my watches–ahh! Don’t judge me—so, where will Uniqlo fit? Well, I think I’ll make them a destination for my t-shirts and button-downs because I love how they’re cut. And if they keep it up, they might become a destination for more.

So, what are you waiting for? Check ‘em out.

Camo Chic

Camo Chic Camo Chic

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Simple Sophistication

Simple Sophistication Simple Sophistication Simple Sophistication

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I’ve Got Sunshine

I've Got Sunshine I've Got Sunshine I've Got Sunshine

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Save the Look.

Save the Look.Save the Look.

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Keep Calm and Style On

Keep Calm and Style On

Keep Calm and Style On

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The Art of Style

The Art of StyleThe Art of Style

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Printed Style

Printed StylePrinted Style

Not everyone can pull off a funky print, whether it is a shirt, trousers or anything in between. Wearing print can be either a hit or miss. Does that mean you shouldn’t try it? No. But, be sure what you put together makes sense. For example, do not pair leopard with zebra and Aztec. That would look as what many people would call ratchet. But,  I have seen people pull it off really well.

If you want to pair different prints, make sure that all of the prints are not loud. Have one item be the standout piece and the others should just be a subtle print. However, if you just want to try wearing a funky print, start off with a simple print, something that is not to loud or obnoxious and pair it with neutral colors to be safe. You can definitely wear two items with the same print, but make sure that everything else is neutral.

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Store Spotlight: Chloe + Isabel

Chole + Isabel

For many of you it should not come as a surprise when I say that I am inspired by women’s fashion—Korean pop group, 2NE1 and singer turned designer, Victoria Beckham are, for me, the epitome of women’s fashion.  In fact, a lot of my outfits have been inspired by stylish women that I see on the street.

So, when I came across Chloe + Isabel, a luxury women’s jewelry brand I was captivated. Although, my inspiration never really came from women’s jewelry, I could not deny the artistry of the jewelry—they are very well crafted and more importantly, versatile. I kind of wish there was a men’s version to some of the pieces such as the Crystal Brulee Stone Stretch Bracelet, come on you can’t tell me it wouldn’t make some really cool cufflinks or tie bars. In addition, the prices are very realistic. So, you do not have to worry about breaking the bank to look good. Again, I wish they had a men’s line =[.

Anyhow, I could go on for days about how many of the Chloe + Isabel pieces would make cool men’s jewelry, but that would take…days.

 So, don’t take my word for it. See for yourself

The Hat Trade

The Hat Trade

Union Jack Desert Boots | Clarks

Blue Denim Button Down | Urban Outfitters

Green Trousers | Levi’s

Gray Fedora | Zara

Yellow BDG V-Neck | Urban Outfitters

Control That…The Leonisa Control Tank Top

Control That...The Leonisa Control Tank Top

I don’t know if you can tell, but I am somewhat on the really slim side. So, this summer I made a bet with myself to “step my body up” or in simple terms “get in shape.” And I have been doing pretty well so far. But, my body is not where I want it to be yet. There is a certain way that I want clothes to look on me, especially t-shirts, which requires a certain build.

So, you can imagine my joy when I came across the Leonisa control tank tops. Okay, so the question is “what’s a control tank?” Well, I would describe it as body shaper. No, it doesn’t give you ripped abs or a large chest. Instead, it works with your body, making the best of what you have. I know it sounds to good to be true, trust me, I thought the same thing.

When I first got it I didn’t know how it would look on me. Remember, I am a pretty slim guy. But, I tried the tank a try and it really does make a difference. The tank  is so soft and light that I forgot I was even wearing it. It’s tights around my stomach, enhancing my abs and ensuring that any sort of “muffin top” was non-existent. It also pushed my shoulders back, improving my posture as I walked and made me look an inch taller.

I thought it was going to difficult to put on at first because it looked small and I thought it wouldn’t fit. But, it stretches to fit your body and is really comfortable, which is great. Although, the control tank is amazing and does exactly what is supposed to do–control everything it’s covering, I will not stop going to the gym. I still want to get in shape. However, I will still be using the control tanks to give me that extra “body guard.” It is definitely something I am going to invest in. And by the end of the summer, I will show you my progress.


Street Boot Style.

Street Boot Style

Greetings from London,

I know that I have been M.I.A for a while, but can you blame me. I am in London! Which is amazing by the way. The culture, the people and, of course, the fashion are all “snatching.” I met a ton of new people and experience so much. With that being said, this is just the first of the many new photos to come. Enjoy.



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Hello…from London!


Ahh! I am back everyone. And Guess what, I am in London. So, be prepared to see a whole new type of fashion on my blog. Well, once I get passed the let jag, but I am working on it, I actually slept for 6 today. Anyhow, keep checking back for new posts, I will be working with a ton of new stylists, designers and brands, it is going to be great.


Guest Post by Daria

5 Male Fashion Bloggers To Follow

The fashion blogging industry is obviously dominated by women. However, once in a while, there’s an exception to the rule. On the one hand, we have street style photographers like Monsieur Jerome or Scott Schuman a.k.a The Sartorialistor – men with a keen sense of fashion, who take pictures of colorful people on the streets and at events. On the other hand, we’ve got personal style bloggers, who made a name for themselves by posting outfits and lifestyle pictures on their blogs. Donning bow ties, mixed prints, designer handbags and above the knee shorts, these gentlemen have something to say in the field. From world-famous to those just starting out, here are our top male fashion bloggers that we think you should follow:

1. Bryan Boy – 31-year-old Bryan Grey Yambao is originally from Filipinos, and is one of the first bloggers in the industry. With a Marc Jacobs bag named after him and judge seat in America’s Next Top Model season 19, this fashion blogger is definitely somebody in the fashion world. Find him at bryanboy.com in fabulous designer outfits.

2. Buck - Tony Stone (Buck) shares a blog with his life partner Adeline Rapon (Wolf) at wolvesandbucks.com. The French couple both feature stylish outfits, in their typical boho chicstyle. More than that, you’ll find their everyday photos from the fascinating Paris.

3. Fashion Goggled – Landon lives in New York City and blogs at fashiongoggled.com. He calls himself “style obsessed” and he looks the part. Once in a while, he features DIY projects, and his outfits are always dapper and with pops of color.

4. Scout Sixteen – Justin is a curly redhead with a sharp fashion sense, writer, personal shopper and stylist. Based in New York, he always has the best statement accessories at hand. Moreover, he blogs style advice that any man could use.

5. Kate Loves Me – Pelayo Diaz Zapico comes from Spain and he’s a model (you’ve seen him in the summer 2011 H&M catalog) and fashion blogger at katelovesme.net. With several piercings on his face and edgy outfits, he’s the type that doesn’t go unnoticed. You might also note his unusual accessories, like Chanel bags and colorful clutches.


About the author:

Daria, freelance writer and fashion blogger, social media enthusiast and passionate vintage shopper. Currently blogging at Glasses on Web about eyeglasses and sunglasses and at Celebrity Sunglasses Watcher about celebrities.

The Search to Find the Most Stylish Student

New York, NY. October, 2012 ¬– Stylitics, the social virtual closet site and iPhone app, is hosting a contest to unearth the most stylish student. Open to all college and high school students in the world, Stylitics will reward the most stylish student by showcasing their entire closet online alongside celebrities, bloggers, and style icons with the ability to shop, share, and create outfits.

The contest will run from October 25th through November 4th. The 10 students who have earned the most style points within that time frame will be voted on by industry experts based on the contents of their closets and outfits they have created. The top 100 students with the most points will also be granted exclusive early access to the launch of Stylitics’ new celebrity closets feature in November, giving users the ability to shop, share, and explore their favorite celebrities’ and style icons’ actual closets.

To enter, users simply need to create an account indicating that they are a student and select their school. Style points are accrued by adding items to your virtual closet and checking in outfits, so the more you add the more you earn! Winners will be voted on by a panel of fashion industry experts and announced on or around November 8th.

Stylitics is a social virtual closet platform for people who care about fashion and personal style. It is a fun, connected, intelligent extension of a user’s actual closet, allowing them to share ideas with friends, collaborate on outfits, and explore new looks. Stylitics remembers every detail about what you own, buy, and wear. It keeps track of your outfit history, allows you to share your personal style with friends and followers via a public Style Profile, and gives you new ideas for how to wear the items in your closet. With the Stylitics iPhone app, you can now take your entire closet on the go.

For further information or images please contact:

Jessica Novak; Email: Jessica@stylitics.com; Phone: 817-905-0096

A Dash of Color

Burnt Orange Sweater Shawl Sweater | Banana Republic

Desert Boots | Clarks

Green Corduroy Pant | Levi’s

Guest Post By Leo Parker

Enjoy Ultimate Luxury with Breitling Transocean Watches

Breitling is widely recognised as one of the world’s best loved and most prestigious luxury Swiss watchmakers and they offer an unparalleled selection of timepieces to suit the tastes of even the most discerning of luxury aficionados.

The Breitling Transocean collection of watches is definitely one of the Swiss brands most striking and luxurious and they have recently released a new range of timepieces to this collection, which are turning heads in the luxury watch world. It is of little surprise that these breath-taking timepieces have set tongues wagging due to their immensely sophisticated style and painstakingly crafted mechanisms which truly set Breitling Transocean watches apart from the crowd.

Take a look at three of the best from the Breitling Transocean collection below:

Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime:

Price – £9,000 ($15,000) Approx 

This stunning timepiece clearly exemplifies everything that is great about the Breitling Transocean collection of watches. It offers a whole host of features that showcases the Swiss brands dedication to excellence and just some of these features include a glare-proof, scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass casing, 70 hour power reserve and an impressive   chronograph accurate to 1/4th of a second.

Breitling Transocean Silver Dial Mens Watch:

Price – £4,000 ($6,500) Approx

A much more understated offering from the Breitling Transocean collection and one that is proving popular amongst fans of classical style luxury timepieces. This spectacular watch exhibits just how diverse the timepieces from Breitling can be – from the considerable intricacy of the first watch pictured to the complete understated elegance of the silver dial Breitling above. If you’re after a classic luxury watch from Breitling, then this one definitely ticks all of the right boxes and has many great features that are sure to impress, which include:

  • Movement which beats at 28,800 V pH
  • Mercury silver dial with baton type hands
  • 100m water resistance
  • Tan leather strap with pin and buckle fastening
  • 42 hour power reserve
  • 43mm stainless steel case
  • Convex glare-proof sapphire crystal glass

Breitling Transocean Chronograph Black Dial

You can buy Breitling watches online from luxury retailer The Watch Gallery

Aww Yeah!


Taupe ‘Working Man’ Chino Pant | Obey

Union Jack Desert Boots | Clarks

Blue Denim Button-Down | Urban Outfitters

Silver Watch | Fossil