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Military Inspired Suave Military Inspired Suave Military Inspired Suave Military Inspired Suave

Military inspired clothing is a trend that’s here to stay. It adds a casual, yet sleek feel to your overall look. I don’t know about you, but I always find myself feeling a little bit more confident when I wear certain pieces and “military” wear is no exception. I am a fan of the military inspired outerwear over other pieces  as it has just the right details, giving you a cool-edge appearance— this works great with fall weather by the way. Pop your collar, stand tall, and walk down the street. I guarantee you will feel like a whole new person…or maybe it’s just me *shrugs.*

Green Military Coat | Express

Plaid Button-Down | Ben Sherman

Mustard Crew neck Sweater | Banana Republic

Floral Print Chinos | Club Monaco

Black Desert Boots | Clarks

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Denim x denim will always be on-trend. It is the perfect go-to look for every season. I find the look to be very daring as denim on denim is not always that easy to pull off, not many people can do it. When wearing double denim, make sure that the wash of the denim mixes well. Of course you can wear one style/shade of denim, but make sure that you’re styling it correctly or else you can end up looking like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards—Yikes!

Blue Denim Shirt | Club Monaco

Blue Denim Jacket | ALLSAINTS

Gray Crewneck Sweater | GAP

Blue Denim Jeans | ALLSAINTS

White Suede Slip-on Sneakers | Barney’s


Bordeaux Bordeaux Bordeaux

Bordeaux (and its many shades) is one of my favorite fall colors. Not only is it transitional, but adds a streamlined and smart look to your wardrobe. Sweaters and trousers are my favorite bordeaux pieces, it serves as a great layering base.

Black and White Check Windbreaker | Lacoste

Blue Plaid Button-Down | Club Monaco

Brown Desert Boot | Clarks

Bordeaux Corduroy Trouser | Levi’s

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Neutral With A Dash Neutral With A Dash Neutral With A Dash Neutral With A Dash

Fall is the season of smart layering. You know, the pairing of pieces to create warm, handsome looks. You can even go a little unconventional. For example, un-tuck your shirt with your blazer buttoned. It’s 2015 and style has become more personalized. It is still easy to achieve a sophisticated and polished look for your daily commute, even if you’re not so “put-together.”




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Fall of Mind

Fall is the ideal casual-trend right weather. It’s perfect for dapper evenings on your fall social calendar or light days during the work week. Opt for a clean, modern look. Not only is it transitional, but it also gives you a very sleek appearance. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and prints, but don’t overdo it. Less is more.

Varsity Jacket | Urban Outfitters

Blue Plaid Shirt | Land’s End Canvas

Olive Trouser | Levi’s

Blue Print Tie | Land’s End Canvas


Fall Pop Fall Pop Fall Pop

My favorite season, fall, is finally rearing its lovely head. For this look, I wanted to go somewhat neutral, but have a slight pop of color. I went with a blue print button-down and navy jean because I find the color blue to be a handsome, yet transitional addition to any look. It works for casual workdays and weekends alike. I paired it with wine desert boots for that coveted eye-catching, “meant to be seen” appeal.

Blue Print Button-Down | Club Monaco

Navy Denim Jean | Guess

Wine Desert Boot | Clarks


End of Summer Style End of Summer Style End of Summer Style End of Summer Style

We have 3 weekends left before summer officially ends, well at least for those of us who live in seasonal states/countries, so make the best of it. Personally, I prefer fall weather over the summer because I feel that there are more outfit options. Let’s be honest, there is only so much one can wear during the summer months before saying “screw this,” I’m wearing a t-shirt. But, I digress.

End the summer on a bright, bold note. I love red printed shirts, I feel that they add a certain flare not only to your outfit, but it highlights your face—especially when you’re hit by the sun’s spotlight. For this look I went with a red floral print polo shirt and powder blue trousers to create a stark contrast. White shoes were added for neutrality.

Red Floral Polo Shirt | GAP

Powder Blue Trousers | Club Monaco

White Slip-On Sneakers | Helmut Lang

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Tee Stylin'Tee Stylin' Tee Stylin'

Although it is very cliché, a crisp t-shirt, worn fitted jeans, and clean sneakers are always a win for summer styling. But, it doesn’t have to be boring. Feel free to wear bold colors, or funky patterns. It’s the summer and its 90 degrees, no one is expecting you to be in a 3 piece suit—unless you’re working on Wall Street, then I feel bad for you. But for those who don’t have to wear a suit, don’t. You could still be on-trend and well-put-together with just a t-shirt.

Powder Blue T-Shirt | Uniqlo

Hard Denim Jeans | ALLSAINTS

Black and White Velvet Slip-on Sneakers | Alberto Moretti



Get the Casual Look Get the Casual Look Get the Casual Look Get the Casual LookAll of a sudden New York City decided to get freakishly hot. And as I said in previous posts, I strongly dislike hot and humid weather because it limits what you can you wear–I give props to the men who can wear suits and blazers in 95 degree weather. For this look I went very, very causal pairing sweatshorts with a short-sleeve polo shirt. I wore loafers to add a hint of flair.

Navy Polo Shirt | Uniqlo

Gray Sweatshorts | GAP

Red and Blue Loafers | G.H. Bass


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The Trick to Keeping Your Sneakers Clean

Keeping your sneakers clean may sound simple, but it’s not—unless you’re a hardcore sneakerhead, who according to good ole Wikipedia is “a person who collects, trades or admires sneakers as a hobby.”

We’ve all been there before when we get new sneakers and promise ourselves we’ll keep them clean. We follow through the first few wears, but after a while we start to get lazy. You know what I’m talking about, we’ll tell ourselves “they aren’t that dirty” or “I’ll clean them this weekend.” But, we get caught up in other things and days go by, then weeks, and before we know it our sneakers look a little unkept.

There is a very simple solution when it comes to cleaning your sneakers. All you need is your favorite laundry detergent, warm water, and two wash cloths (one for cleaning and one for drying). I know that you’re probably thinking “why can’t I just use soap and water?”

Well, here’s why: although soap does a good job at cleaning; it lacks the compounds found in only detergents. Laundry detergents have molecules that act as dispersants, latching onto grease, dirt, and oil, then breaking them apart— making it easier to wash away.

So, if you want your sneakers to look brand new, go with the detergent. I guarantee that you’ll see a big difference in your sneakers. Give it a try and use the hashtag #meninstyletip so I can see the before and after.

Black and White Low-top Sneakers | Axel Arigato 

Navy Low-top Sneakers | Common Projects

White Low-top Cap-toe Sneakers | Wings + Horns

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