Sew & Tailor

 Sew & Tailor


Every man of style should know how to sew because you never know what could happen–you rip a hole in shirt or you cause a small tear in your coat. I am not saying that you have to be a master in sewing. No one is expecting you to tailor your own clothes, but you should be able to sew a button on your jacket if it falls off.

However, if you cannot sew, a good tailor would do. Now, you do not want to give your clothes to any tailor, do your research. Think of it as buying a car. Would you buy a car from anyone who says they are a car dealer? No. So, do not give your clothes to anyone who says they are a tailor.

Below are some useful tips on finding a good tailor.

Get Started:

Google tailors in your area, read the reviews, and visit them if you have to. It is your clothes, the fact that you are getting them tailored shows that you are invested, so make sure that your investment is worth it.


Look for tailors with experience. Do not get me wrong, just because you have experience at something does not mean that you are good, but more likely than not, it does. However, make sure that you get references, it is always best to hear from others before you hand over your clothes.

Cooperation & Fashion Sense:

Is the tailor trendy? or old-school? Ask the tailor about their own take on fashion and decide if their view is in-line with yours. In addition, if the tailor resist your suggestions about the way you want your clothes, then move on to the next one. It is important to have control of your style.

Ask Around:

Do you remember that man, the one whose style you admire? Yeah, well ask him who tailors his clothes. That tailor might be the one you have been looking for.

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