Store Spotlight: MOSCOT

Store Spotlight: MOSCOT

MOSCOT was founded by Hyman Moscot, an Eastern European immigrant, who found his niche for eyewear while selling eyeglasses from a pushcart on Orchard Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 1899—which is symbolized in the brand’s logo. And over 100 years later, MOSCOT has become the “poster-eye” for eyewear, inspiring other brands across the world and becoming the go to brand for celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Justin Theroux.

I was introduced to the brand a few months ago and since then, their eyewear have become must-have accessories for all of my outfits—obsessive, yeah, maybe just a little. But who could blame me; MOSCOT has the appeal and versatility that I love. So, when I was given the opportunity to interview Wendy Simmons, Co-President of MOSCOT for about 8 years, I was all over it.

Wendy described MOSCOT as brand based on 3 pillars, history, fashion, and humor, all which have equal measure. In other words, MOSCOT is not a brand that takes itself too seriously. Although their frames are designed to be fashionable and fashion forward, they are not in a cookie cutter format. Instead, the brand gives personality to their eyewear; every frame has a humorous element to it, every frame is unique, and every frame tells a story. It is no surprise that the brand’s fan base is constantly growing.

What I love most about the brand is that it has managed to maintain its traditional roots—the vision that Hyman Moscot had in mind—creating frames reminiscent of MOSCOT styles from decades ago. And knowing that the brand hand quality controls every single frame, tells me that providing the best optical experience for fans is a number one priority, which I find admirable.

I asked Wendy to describe MOSCOT in three words and she said, “authentic, bold, and fun.” And I agree. MOSCOT is more than a brand and more than eyewear—it is iconic.


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