Store Spotlight: Proof Wood Eyewear

Store Spotlight: Proof

Ahh! I love wooden sunglasses! Okay, wait. Maybe I should start from the top before you begin to think I have gone crazy.

Proof is another favorite brand of mine. I became aware of the it after I saw a picture rapper, Snoop Dogg, wearing the brand’s signature sunglasses. And as the saying goes, “the rest was history.”

Proof was founded in January 2011 by Brooks, Taylor, and Todd Dame; three brothers who not only wanted to present the world with a different kind of eyewear, but help give sight to those who cannot see—a large portion of Proofs profits go to eye-surgeries in India. Inspired by their grandfather, an entrepreneur who started a small sawmill that evolved into a successful family business, the Dame brothers used the knowledge they gained in the wood industry to add a wooden twist to traditional eyewear.

From the moment I saw their collection of wooden sunglasses, I was very impressed, so impressed that I bought four pairs within 10 minutes—do not judge me. I love the cut and design of the frames, they are well made and the detail is superb—the result of having every pair handcrafted. In addition, the sunglasses are lightweight, which is something I did not expect when thinking about eyewear made of wood. What I like the most about their sunglasses is the durability, these are not flimsy accessories that will fall apart after a few wears, they are built to last a long time.

Proof prides itself on making eyewear that “offers a look and feel that can’t be replicated.” And from what I have experienced, it is definitely something that I can confirm. In short, Proof is a wonderful brand and I recommend it to everyone. And for those who are concerned about the cutting down of trees, Proof has you in mind. All of the wood that is not used in their sunglasses is replanted.

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