Capsule NYC 2012

I was given the opportunity to help set up and run the 2012 Capsule men’s fashion trade show in New York City. Although, it was a lot of work, the end result made everything worth it—I cannot put in words how it felt to watch something this large come together in 2 days. This was my first time seeing a fashion trade show and the whole thing mesmerized me. Watching the designers, buyers, sellers, and bloggers interact with each other was a great sight. Although, I was busy helping out with show, I was still able to experience Capsule and view all of the S/S ’13 collections from brands such as Bass to Yuketen.

While I saw many things that I could not wait to get in my closet–such as the jeans from Naked and Famous that changes color according to your body heat–there were 7 pieces that really stood out to me.

Caminando S/S ’13

When I saw these loafers I fell in love. Caminando was able to successfully take the traditional penny loafer and bring it to a whole new level, while preserving its classy appeal. I can definitely see myself wearing these.

Mark McNairy S/S ’13

I used to shy away from animal prints, especially leopard. Why? Because I just thought animal print looks weird on men. However, my view has drastically changed and now I think men should definitely wear animal print; it adds edge and shows confidence. So, when I saw this jacket by Mark McNairy, I had to have it.

Shades of Grey S/S ’13

Forget animal print, this jacket from the Shades of Grey collection uses the whole animal. And it is done very tastefully. Instead of being loud and obnoxious, the print is very subtle and blends well with the jacket.

Bass S/S ’13

If you have not already figured it out by now, I sort of have a small—okay big—obsession with loafers. So, when I saw these loafers from Bass I lost it. I find them very sexy—yes, I call shoes sexy, do not judge me—especially the color blend. It has this vintage look that I love and the way that it shines, oh my gosh.

Yuketen S/S ’13

You already know how much I love loafers and animal print. So, you can only imagine my reaction when I this cheetah print loafer from Yuketen. I think you get the picture.


I love these anchor bracelets, I have not seen anything like them before. I love the way that they look and the classic appeal they posses.

Jean-Michael Basqiuat S/S ’13

I have a confession. I am one of those people who dress’ their gadgets up—you know those people who have about 20 different cases for their phones, iPods, laptops and other gadgets. So, when I saw these laptop and iPad cases, I shed a tear.

Check out some of my other favorites from the show:

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