Where Have You Been, Uniqlo?

Where Have You Been, Uniqlo?



Fall is officially 4 days away and I’ve been trying to build my new fall wardrobe. So, I’ve been searching high and low for the brand(s) that sell the perfect fall trousers, sweaters, button-downs, jackets, shoes, and boots. I came across a few brands such as All Saints,Ben Sherman, and Vince. But, they are pretty expensive and I just graduated from college 4 months ago. So, I definitely cannot keep shopping there—unless I hit the lottery or become a “skilled” gold digger, but I digress. I have also been trying to uncover less mainstream, upcoming, brands because I not only want to broaden my wardrobe, but I like having things that I know I won’t see 50 people wearing as I walk through Soho. Yes, I know; it’s not about who has it, but how you wear it. But still, I’d rather not.

With all that being said, I want to tell you about my newfound love for Uniqlo. Before you start the grill to roast me, let me explain. I’ve known about Uniqlo for a while, but I didn’t really put much of an effort into checking out their clothing. But, during the summer I was looking for a place where I can get slim-fit T-Shirts that are of great quality and I was referred to Uniqlo by a friend—she calls it the Asian Old Navy—and the rest was history. The clothes are of very, very good quality, better than some of the pricier brands that I shop at. One item that stood out to me is their plain long-sleeve t-shirt. Forget “the touch the feel of cotton,” these shirts are on a completely different level. It was softer than my rabbit fur hat.

Do not get me started on their corduroy print and sold color button-downs, they are definitely worth looking at. And for $29 bucks, it’s a freaking steal. Where was Uniqlo when I was spending almost $200 dollars on a single button-down? Again, I digress. Uniqlo is definitely a great place to shop and if you have not been to the store, you should go. The employees are really nice and the setup is so lively and colorful, sometimes I wonder if the employees throw rave-like parties after closing.

Although, I like Uniqlo, I am not going to make it my destination store for every wardrobe essential. Not, because it’s bad or anything, I just like to have a diverse closet and I use particular brands for certain items. For example, I go to Coach for my leather bags, Club Monaco for my sweaters and button-downs, Banana Republic for my Oxfords, and Fossil for my watches–ahh! Don’t judge me—so, where will Uniqlo fit? Well, I think I’ll make them a destination for my t-shirts and button-downs because I love how they’re cut. And if they keep it up, they might become a destination for more.

So, what are you waiting for? Check ‘em out.

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