Saturday, September 6th was the highly anticipated SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ SS’15 presentation and I was happy to be invited to see it as I’ve been following the brand since reading about them in Jet Magazine. Created by Sherman Joseph and Preston Williams, SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ brings a fresh take on tailored men’s fashion, combining houndstooth with a motif pattern and  a rich raisin hue on a sleek silhouette to create a sharp, polished presentation. The brand really showcased how men’s fashion can be minimalistic, yet modern with refined ease.

As you can imagine, I am not the only person who admires SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ’s innovative aesthetic. So, it came as no I surprise when I found out that the collection was styled by Mitsu Tsuchiya, noted tastemaker in the world of fashion and coveted senior men’s marketing editor at Nylon Magazine. The presentation even attracted the likes of actor, Michael Jai White; Model, Don Benjamin; and Singer/Songwriter, Mateo.

My favorite item was the white and black houndstooth jacket; its classic look and modern craftsmanship highlights its sleek, trim fit. So, its sure to keep any look cutting-edge. I can’t wait to add the jacket to my collection. Hell, I can’t wait to add all of the pieces to my collection. So, Sherman and Preston, if you’re guys reading this, I need them in my life ASAP!

Anywho, I loved the presentation, as if you can’t already tell. SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ truly embodies what it means to be a man in style society.

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