…And You Get A Backpack

Lately, backpacks have become my go-to carry all. Don’t get me wrong I use backpacks, but I preferred the standard handbag. The only downside of using a handbag is that it’s in your hand, occupying a space that can be for something else. So, I guess you can say that laziness sort of pushed me to the way of the backpack—don’t judge me!

Anywho, backpacks are becoming more and more stylish with each season. The days of the frumpy, boring backpack has come to an end—well, at least for some people.

A Knapsack Delight A Leather Dream

Backpacks today are seen as more than a carry all for your daily necessities. Instead, they are considered an element that can make a bold style statement. From sleek, handsome leather to smart, well-constructed Sherpa, backpacks today, are taking “functional” and “stylish” to a whole new level.

Jackson Hole Sherpa Backpack | Bed Stü

Shiloh Leather Backpack | Bed Stü

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