PerePaix: Jewelery for the Modern Man

Men, for the most part, play it safe when using jewelry to accessorize their wardrobe. Some men prefer watches; some opt for bracelets and maybe a ring, while others wear it all. Either way, jewelry is pretty much black and white when it comes to men’s fashion.

However, I recently came across a men’s jewelry brand called PerePaix and I must say that it definitely brings some color to that black and white “hold” men are in. All of the jewelry are headlining pieces, defined by a much-needed unconventional edge that is rarely, if ever seen in men’s jewelry. From galactic-esq detailing to pure 24k Mediterranean gold to the ornate display of religious symbols, PerePaix sets the stage for on-trend, yet original pieces.

PerePaix: Jewelery for the Modern Man

I love that the jewelry is crafted with a personality as well as a unique story that is to be told by the person who wears it. Not to mention, it challenges the blueprint for men’s jewelry. So, kudos to Avshalom Rave, the designer who challenged fashion norms and reimagined what men’s jewelry looks like.

PerePaix: Jewelery for the Modern Man PerePaix: Jewelery for the Modern Man

Be sure to check them out, you won’t be disappointed:


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