Jewelry with a Refined Edge

More and more, I have been getting into the use of jewelry to accessorize my wardrobe. I grew tired of leather rope/beaded bracelets, watches, and maybe an earring or two that seems to be the standard when it comes to men’s accessorizes. I wanted jewelry that makes a debonair impression without being bland. So, when I came across the men’s jewelry brand ­Jan-D, I was instantly impressed.

Created by Dutch born jewelry designer Jan D. Gjaltema, the Texas-based brand features a refined take on men’s jewelry. Although most modern men’s jewelry lines that I have come across consists of nautical themes, skulls, or Celtic images, Jan-D is able to stand on it’s own with striking of-the-moment craftsmanship and subtle detailing.

Jewelry with a Refined Edge Jewelry with a Refined Edge Jewelry with a Refined Edge

Designed in a range of metals from to copper to pure gold, the brand takes men’s jewelry to new heights with handsome and contemporary pieces. I love that each piece has a unique look, but can still be worn with almost anything—a true chameleon in the realm of men’s jewelry.

Jewelry with a Refined Edge

I can definitely see Jan-D becoming a wardrobe staple for men who wants to depart from tradition and arrive at something that interrupts the jewelry standard.

Jewelry with a Refined Edge

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      1. And copper is a good way to introduce colour into an outfit without being !!COLOUR!!, if you know what I mean. I think you’re onto something here – I don’t think we’ve seen the end of copper jewellery yet!

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