Luxe Construction

Whether it’s in-person or through my blog, I love meeting new people. Why? Because you never know what they can teach you or the ways in which they can inspire you.

With that being said, I’d like to introduce you all to Jana, a London-based fashion illustrator and the tastemaker behind the blog Le Completiste. I met Jana through my blog—she commented on a post, I responded, looked at her blog, and the rest was history.

I was so impressed with her work that I asked Jana to create a sketch using a few photos from shoots that I’ve done. I was blown away by the results:



Street Gent+


Luxe ConstructionLuxe Construction

Jana’s ability to effortlessly construct alluring sketches from just looking at a photo, defines luxe creativity. I am most impressed by the sleek contour detailing of each sketch, which not only adds compulsive-edge, but also makes an artful statement in the realm of fashion illustration.

Le CompletisteLe CompletisteI wanted to get a better sense about Jana and how she came about creating her blog, so I asked her a few questions:

Why did you start “Le Completiste?”

“I was about to turn 30 and feeling completely frustrated that I wasn’t doing anything creative. I studied design for years, I loved designing and I just felt my talent slipping away. So, I decided to start the blog as a creative outlet. I also loved fashion illustration and wanted to see how good I could get if I practiced, so that was part of it too. Now it’s a kind of online visual diary for me, and I love that because it’s public, I’m motivated to keep creating (otherwise it’s just too easy to get lazy)!” 

What is your source of inspiration?

“Is it too easy just to say everything? Seriously though, I work in fashion, I constantly surround myself with it and I find inspiration everywhere. I would have to say my biggest source is definitely photography (I love Bill Henson and also the work of people like Garance Dore) as well as architecture (Modernist and Brutalist in particular).”

Who would be the dream person in fashion that you would love to meet? Why?

“I can’t limit this to just one:

  • First, would be Alexander Wang—I am in awe of what he has achieved (we are the same age and I am quite a way behind him!). I would love to pick his brains and watch him work. He also seems really down to earth and like he’d be really great to work with/for.
  • Second, would be the guys from Proenza Schouler. I saw them speak at last year’s Vogue Fashion Festival and they also seem like they’d be amazing and inspiring to work with/for. Especially their process around developing textures and prints—they work in the same way I do and I would love to watch it in action.
  • Third, would be Phoebe Philo because well…the woman is amazing! She has single-handedly changed fashion and continues to do so. I think she’s a genius.”


So, what are you waiting for? Check her out:

Le Completiste


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