A Bold Take on Footwear

Spring is officially 17 days away, which means the beginning to the end of snow and frigid cold! But, let’s be honest, showing off our new spring wardrobe is what we’re looking forward to the most; at least I am. In fact, I am more excited to showcase the spring footwear that I curated over the last few months, especially the MIPACHA sneakers that I scored a couple weeks ago.

I came across the Peruvian inspired brand at the Agenda tradeshow in New York City last month and I fell in love. MIPACHA— Quechua for “My World”— ventures in a different path in the footwear arena, drawing inspiration from the color and symbolic motifs of the local textiles found in the artful country of Peru.

When I finally got my hands on a pair of their eye-catching sneakers, I was impressed with its versatility, high quality, and ability to rev up the everyday with handsome, bold print.

A Bold Take on Footwear

MIPACHA footwear has been handcrafted in Cuzco, Peru, since its launch by Nick Bresser over 2 years ago and had been noted as a leader in ethical footwear. In addition to making great sneakers, I love the brand’s efforts at giving back to the community that brings their shoes to life. MIPACHA created a special program where unemployed women in Cuzco, Peru are trained to become skilled professional artisans.

A Bold Take on FootwearA Bold Take on Footwear

With a burst of bright Incan prints, MIPACHA gives a stylish structure that embodies the shared sense of vitality for Peruvian Culture. So, cure your wanderlust with MIPACHA’s invigorating sneakers and opt for a look that’s as cool as it is on-trend.

As the brand motto goes: “It’s a good thing to stand out in a crowd.”

A Bold Take on FootwearA Bold Take on Footwear

So, what are you waiting for? Check ’em out:


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