Cool and Classically Polished

If you want to achieve a refined aesthetic, then loafers are the way to go. Not only do loafers provide a sophisticated balance of casual and formal, but also functionality; they are great for transitional weather. I think it’s safe to say that loafers are the epitome of classic chic. Why? Think about it. Crafted with handsome leather and streamlined to emphasize charm, what else could be better? In addition, loafers can serve as that signature styling piece for everything from proper-cuffed denim jeans to tailored suits.

There are many brands where you can get loafers, but my choice for the past 5 years is G.H. Bass–creator of the original penny loafer. I can always count on their footwear to make a dashing impression as the classic appeal of their loafers are fit for mobility and poise.

Cool and Classically Polished

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