Structures, Textures, and Textiles.

Although scarf season is officially over now that the weather is finally in spring mode, I want to introduce you to Lieke van Opstal, this really cool Dutch brand that I came across a few weeks ago.

Founded by designer Lieke van Opstal, out of a fascination for textiles, the brand has been bringing innovative woven scarfs and accessories to the Netherlands for over 4 years; reminding the country, where the textile industry is slowly disappearing, that weaving is still key for people who love unique and transitional pieces.

What drew me to the brand was the striking weaving patterns and rich textures that adorn the scarves. Handcrafted from supple fabrics and designed with character, Lieke van Opstal proves to be a virtuoso when it comes to artistic storytelling. The pieces reflect how Lieke van Opstal looks at the world, going beyond the surface of what’s appealing to eye and molding statement making motifs.

Structures, Textures, and Textiles.

As men of style it is important to showcase your interpretation of what fashion means to you. It may sound a bit vague, but that is the beauty of style, you determine what it means. Lieke van Opstal says that she is inspired by the world, from structures in stunning architecture and tree bark textures to the construction of an insect wing. And this is reflected in her pieces.

Structures, Textures, and Textiles. Structures, Textures, and Textiles. Structures, Textures, and Textiles.

As you may know, I am always on the look out for new brands because I love incorporating different elements into my style, so I don’t limit myself to one particular look. Lieke van Opstal successfully conveys an urban-cool aesthetic through re-imagined structures, patterns, and textures–making it the perfect go-to brand for accessory connoisseurs.

So, what are you waiting for? See for yourself.

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